Monday, May 1, 2017

Righteous Dad! Senator Sasse Says Raise Future Adults, Not Eternal Children

Via Billy

Senator Ben Sasse has done the unthinkable for a politician: written an excellent book, not specifically about politics, and made it immensely readable.

The Vanishing America Adult is Sasse’s meditation on the crisis of prolonged adolescence in America. As Sasse tells it, kids are no longer being taught how to produce, only how to consume and the real problem is no one is shepherding them into adulthood the way children once were.

It would be easy to write a tome blaming millennials for their failure to launch. Much has been dissected about kids these days with their astronomical expectations and minimal dedication. Sasse doesn’t take the easy route. Instead he looks at how society is dissuading kids from growing up and how we can stop it.



  1. Part of the problem is poor schools and the belief that college education is required. We could learn a great deal more in less time. Also online has greater potential.

    Also, many (if not most) parents believe schools are important for "socialising" children with other children. Why not socialise with sports and dancing?

    Another aspect of the problem: No decent jobs in many occupations. My occupation is still strong, but many careers are not. People are happy until their own jobs are threatened.

    And the stock market will not rise in the future as it has in the past. Whomever one wishes to blame for the 1965 immigration act: We've expanded the US economy and increased asset value in part via immigration.

    And bad trade has made Wall Street wealthy at the expense of US citizens.

    So, in a sense stock holders have been well-paid for selling out the heritage of future generations.

    All anyone seems to have cared about between Reagan and Trump is tax cuts. No one cared about future generations; such would have been "racist".

    I don't blame past generations. I think democracy is a system whereby the rich rule but blame voters for any problems. It's just too easy to trick voters, for multiple reasons. (Especially the tv/radio.)

    1. the belief that college education is required.

      Really. Be a plumber or electrician.


      "socialising" children

      The asinine blather against home school. As a homeschooling mom mentioned to me, I'll 'socialize' like they do in public school by taking my child in the bathroom and chastising her unmercifully!