Monday, May 1, 2017

Traveller. A difficult horse but Robert E. Lee loved him and made him famous.

Traveller was originally purchased at the Lewisburg Fair, Lewisburg, Virginia (West Virginia) where I attended military school at Greenbrier Military School.

After celebrating Independence this week…, I wanted to speak about a loved war horse.

The reason I chose Traveller is because I know nothing about Southern history and because it seems that Robert E. Lee was in the minority in his love for this particular horse…  Traveller wasn’t your garden variety, easy to love, easy to ride horse.  He was a bit of a pain. 

It gives me pleasure to write about a horse that most would dump but that one cherished – and from that, they built a very strong, unbreakable bond.


  1. What a wonderful story. I always admired Traveller; such
    a majestic beauty. Whenever I saw Robert E. Lee upon
    Traveller, I thought "it figures Robert E. Lee would have
    such a wonderful steed.
    Thank you for Traveller's history.
    Traveller was bred as a Thoroughbred so no wonder he would
    strive for the lead. Must have taken the bit in his mouth
    for the soldiers to have to pull him back.

    1. Yes, just marvelous. Here you go! :)

    2. No, it don't git no better than that. Thanks.

    3. If that had come out 20 years ago, it would have gone to the top.