Monday, May 1, 2017

What Corporate Media Never Tells You About North Korea

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There is a great deal of propaganda and deliberate misinformation about North Korea, which the public should know. While neocons, a cheering corporate media, and Deep State, rush to war with North Korea, information is the ultimate weapon. For example, did you know that North Korea, China, and India, are the only three nations who have committed to a “no nuclear first” policy. They have pledged never to use nuclear weapons “first”, but of course reserve the right to use them if attacked.

How many times has the US threatened to use nuclear weapons against North Korea? Do you know that North Korea has repeatedly asked the US to engage in bi-lateral talks, to cool off the ever-escalating tension? The offer was flatly rejected by both Obama and Trump. Can you resolve differences within your family without dialog? No dialogue, no peace. Why won’t the US talk to North Korea?? The neocons, Deep State, and media argument, insist Kim Jung-ur is irrational, and therefore you cannot negotiate with him. A look back at recent history illustrates the US and its complicit media demonize anyone we do not like, and the demonizing usually ends up with a war.


  1. The US won't talk to North Korea because we talked to them a lot during the Clinton administration and they see talks with us now as just a list of demands for us to give them free stuff. They also insist on bi-lateral talks that exclude South Korea, China and Japan. It is the best tactic in negotiations to not negotiate until your adversary takes you seriously.

    The USA did once have a "no first use" policy. We changed it to a "whenever we think it is best" policy. That policy was actually a more honest policy. Any nation will use what they have first if they feel compelled to do it, no matter what their policy is. Only North Korea is threatening to nuke anyone right now. They are doing it openly in their own media. Thus, their no first use policy is a farce. The USA on the other hand, has has nukes since 1945 and hasn't nuked anyone 70 years.

  2. What a crock o shit... Kim Jong Un has OPENLY and REPEATEDLY threatened to use nuclear warheads against
    the US.