Friday, May 26, 2017

You Think You Got Problems?… DCCC Mobilization Chair Completely Unaware of Montana Special Election

Via Billy

The DCCC’s national mobilization chair in 2016, Rep. Jim Clyburn, was completely unaware of the special election in Montana.

Last week, Congressman Jim Clyburn, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s national mobilization chair in 2016, was asked if the DCCC planned to get more involved in the upcoming Montana special congressional election to replace new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Clyburn gave a nine-word response:
“Montana special election? Oh, I didn’t know about that.”


  1. I guess he didn't know that Montana was part of the United States.

    1. Yeah, he must not want too many there since the weight might cause it to sink into the middle earth........:)