Friday, May 18, 2018

This California Mayor, an Immigrant Himself, Explains Why He’s ‘Very Proud’ to Deport Illegal Immigrants From His City

Via The Daily Timewaster


Sam Abed, the mayor of Escondido, California, took pride in deporting illegal immigrants from his city and said he wants a repeal of the state’s sanctuary laws Wednesday on Fox Business’ “The Evening Edit.”

“I am very proud, you know, as an immigrant, as a leader of this city, to have deported 2,700 illegal criminals from our community and made our community safe,” Abed said. “Escondido’s crime rate went down 48 percent since our cooperation with ICE. And Escondido today is as safe as it was in 1980.”


  1. He's going to be very unpopular with the Democrat party voter recruitment committee.

    1. I hope the R's in CA have reproached him already .