Friday, May 18, 2018

W&L University Prepares to Eliminate All Confederate History From Its Campus

Via Susan

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Not satisfied with the desecration of the Lee Chapel, prohibiting Confederate Memorial Services on the grounds, and caving in to every single demand of the 6 law students several years ago, the new President of Washington and Lee University in Lexington appointed a committee to study the "problem" of the university's association with Lee.  The results may shock some, but certainly not any of us who have dealt with the university over the past several years.

The report is available online here...

It is lengthy and nauseating.  We will offer you just A FEW of the committee's  recommendations, which should give you enough of an idea of exactly what is about to take place...

"The commission recognized that it will take time to complete the changes proposed for Lee Chapel and to create a new community gathering space. If the chapel continues to be used in the interim, the university should make several modifications. The portrait of Lee in military garb in the chapel should be replaced by a portrait of Lee in civilian dress. In addition, the fire doors separating the auditorium from the apse should be closed. The Book of Remembrance and the plaque honoring the Confederate soldiers of the Rockbridge Regiment should be temporarily removed during the interim period; if temporary removal is not feasible, didactics should be put in place that will contextualize the objects. In addition, the university should provide guidelines for programming in the chapel during the interim period, and for managing social media connected to the chapel. Finally, in order to avoid commercializing the university's connection to Lee and the Confederacy, the museum shop should be closed during the interim period."

"Display only portraits of Lee that portray him in civilian attire, not as a Confederate general. Acquire and prominently display portraits — in either 2D or 3D media — that feature individuals who represent the university's complete history." (This is campus wide)

"The newly formed naming committee consider renaming three campus buildings named for Lee (Lee House, Lee Chapel, and Lee-Jackson House)."

Any questions?

For what it's worth, here is President Will Dudley's contact information:

Contact Information

    Office of the President:
    Washington Hall, 2nd Floor
    Mailing Address:
    204 West Washington Street
    Washington and Lee University
    Lexington, Virginia 24450
    (540) 458-8700

Contact him and ask him to ignore the recommendations of this "committee" and leave the Lee Chapel and the school's Confederate history ALONE.

Apparently, the first attacks on Lee and the school's Confederate history were not enough to cause enough alumni to withdraw support.  We can only hope this report will open their eyes to what is about to transpire. 


  1. George Washington was a slave-owner so I guess Washington & Lee has a problem with both Washington & Lee. Time to close the doors and go home.

    1. Good point. I wish the Lee family would move the Good General as well as his relatives there along with Traveller and take them to Beauvoir.

  2. What do these attacks on Christians and the Confederate Battle Flag have in common? One simple thing. Christ.

    Let me repeat that. Christ is the common element. The Confederate Battle Flag nicknamed the “Southern Cross” is a Christian symbol. So it doesn’t surprise me that it, too, is being attacked.
    Abbeville Institute

    It's not about racism, it's about Christ, hence, all who
    represent the Confederacy.

    1. All about control of the populace one step at a time.