Wednesday, April 17, 2013

GRNC Alert 4-17-13: NC Assembly elected by pro-gun voters needs to move pro-gun bills


Although promising bills have been introduced, such as SB 342, for restaurant carry, sponsored by Senators Buck Newton, Dan Soucek and Jeff Tarte, and co-sponsored by numerous legislators, including Rules Chairman Sen. Tom Apodaca, both our Senate and House have been unacceptably slow to move them to the floors of both chambers for the votes they deserve. 

NC gun owners worked hard during the last election to ensure that our Assembly is comprised of legislators who will protect and expand our Second Amendment rights. In an election favoring proponents of the Obama anti-gun agenda in other states, the success of NC pro-candidates were only possible due to our contributions of time, effort and donations.
We obtained results for pro-gun Assembly members, now it is their turn to produce the pro-gun laws we elected them for. 

NC gun owners should be frankly disappointed by lack of movement of pro-gun bills, and the fact that we saw more pro-gun legislation passed under Democrat Speaker Jim Black than under current Speaker Tillis. Failure to expand carry into restaurants, laws on the books for years in surrounding states, is of particular concern.

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