Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lexington Green Rally Permit Pulled – Alternate Site Being Arranged

Lexington Green 2

This just in from Stewart Rhodes:

Note from Stewart; At 12pm mountain today Steve Redfern, the Organizer of the Lexington rally and I will be on the  Alex Jones show to discuss this. We have retained  Massachusetts attorney, Blake Filippi, who also works with The 10th Amendment Center  to seek an injunction against the revocation of the permit.

Lexington Board of Selectmen wave victory flag for marathon attacker

On April 16th the Lexington board of selectmen called an “emergency meeting” to discuss permit suspension for The Muster On The Battle Green. The permit was revoked under the guise of public safety. Video content can be viewed here.

TelVue CloudCast Video Player

The “emergency meeting” assembled at 6:00PM but turned out to be a smoke and mirror show. The Lexington Patch reported that the permits have been revoked at 3:22PM April 16th. That is 2 hours and 38 minutes before it got voted on.

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