Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to the Last Days





…of the “Constitutional Experiment”, because it’s about bloody obvious to anybody with eyes to see and the IQ to tie their own shoelaces that this thing is going to crash and burn before it gets better. We can call the result “The Republic II, This Time No Fascists Allowed”, but first we have to admit to ourselves that the first version didn’t last and that the tree of liberty is going to be well and truly soaked before long.

The outstanding staff of this site have been peerless in keeping up with the bullshit that His Imperial Majesty has been too busy facepalming to comment on, so that’s pretty much covered. Thanks!
And there’s been a lot of facepalming done at the Imperial Palace. You know, when you’ve spent your entire life either living under the mistakes of the ProgNazis and their like or studying their past failures in bringing about the Utopia of Next Tuesday™, noting that the result, throughout all of human history, NO EXCEPTIONS, has been the exact same: Misery, Tyranny, Murder and Oppression, AND you’ve been screaming at the top of your lungs from the very moment we landed on these shores and noticed some very familiar trends for people to wake the fuck up and realize what was going on, facepalming seems to be the only thing to do when they choose to ignore you because… Fuck if we know. They know better, perhaps, from having absolutely zero buttfucking experience with how the socialist fascist scum work? Oh sure, none of those other hundreds of nations and civilizations could make it work, but WE’RE DIFF’RUNT?

“It could never happen here?”

That particular one sounds, we’d like to point out, equally idiotic in the original German. No, it surely couldn’t happen in Germany. Germany was, after all, the epitome of Western Civilization, culture and enlightenment, there was nary a soul in Europe during the 20 year Armistice as we liked to refer to the 1918-1938 period who believed that this silly upstart from Austria could turn Germany into a barbaric, fascist hellhole of genocide, he was just a populist politician with the best of intentions who, even if a bit loud and boisterous at times, surely was every bit the “good man” that we’re told constantly by the bien-pensant of the RINO Establishment that Generalissimo Ogabe is, so just calm down you paranoid hobbits, extremists and right wing Tea Party nutjobs.
Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans.

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