Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Worried. About. Boston.


Most of the day today I worried about whether the Boston event was domestic terrorism. “Who did it?” won’t bring a child and a young woman back to life, or reattach legs. But it still feels like it matters who did it, doesn’t it?

Rawles has just posted his opinion that it’s domestic. If it’s domestic, it could be OWS, Earth First, or other assorted nihilists or leftists. Or it could be, tragically, some really, really, really crazy far right group. Or it could be a false flag. Or Arabs. Right now, we just don’t know. We may never know, either because the government doesn’t know, or because the government covers up or manipulates the truth.

I think the American Resistance needs to at least run the intellectual exercise of preparing for the Boston terrorists to be domestic crazy-far-right-wing people, either in reality, or in the crosshairs of the Regime/Media propaganda machine.

That is going to put Rhodies and virtually all readers of this blog who aren’t linked here by the Media Directorate (like that will ever happen) or who don’t work in a NSA/DHS Fusion Center in the position of being the “reasonable Muslims” after September 11. I’m (obviously) not Muslim, but I can imagine that would have been a severely uncomfortable place to be.

Within hours, it could be our position.

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