Sunday, May 26, 2013

Europeans institute automatic 10-game ban for soccer racism

Via Ryan

Seems the PTB would have more important things to worry about.

After a season full of ugly incidents of on-field racism from fans and players, European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, has decided to institute an automatic 10-game ban for any players found guilty of committing racial abuse.

This new punishment, however, will only apply to UEFA competitions, such as the Champions and Europa League. This means that each country’s respective league retains the right to decide how to deal with instances of racism. UEFA, however, has asked each country to comply with the 10-game policy ban.

UEFA has in the past also fined teams whose fans have heckled players for their skin color.


  1. For the recrd, I'm a soccer fan.

    Soccer, and European soccer in particular, is full of bad sportsmanship and petty rule meakers. Since its Europe, PC hgas become as important as goals.

    1. Since its Europe, PC has become as important as goals.

      Guess so.

    2. I want to add that a lot of these players are the dregs of their respective societies. They're from African and Latin American ghettos living and playing in close proximity with others of different and sometimes adversarial groups. Observe the riots that happen in the stands, fans generally have separate seating, now, these are the same people who are playing. It has been said that "soccer is a gentleman's game played by thugs".