Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CBO: 75% of Illegal Immigration Would Continue Under Senate Immigration Bill

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The advocates of S. 744, the immigration bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate that would legalize many of the illegal aliens already in the United States, have argued that the proposed legislation would also secure the border and prevent future illegal immigration.

However, the cost estimate of the legislation that was released on Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office says that the legislation would actually allow the flow of new illegal aliens into the United States to continue at a rate equal to 75 percent of the current rate of illegal immigration. This will be the case, in part, argues CBO, because of people who overstay temporary work visas that will be authorized by the bill.

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  1. The real solution to stopping illegal immigration is not walls on our borders or posting the military. The solution is simple eliminate the jobs. Make the penalty for hiring an illegal the savings over hiring a legal worker makes it not worth the risk. Not only will illegals stop flooding across the border those here will self deport. The sad truth is both Republicans and Democrats want cheap slave workers so their bosses can profit.