Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Progressive interNationalist Socialist Party


Because Independence is dangerous.

And by the way, I get sick and tired of people saying “Obama” is the problem.  No he is not.  It is the 51% of your neighbors who voted for him that are the problem.  It is the 80% of minorities, Asian, Black, and Hispanic that are the problem.  It is the 30% of Whites that voted for him that are the problem.  President Obama is a symptom.  The problem is much, much closer to home.  You cannot defeat your enemy, overcome the problem until you can identify it.

I had this horrible nightmare.  It was so real I could almost taste the ash on the air.  The nightmare is what if nothing happens.  What if the patriots and those who just want to be left alone, those who don’t believe the State has the right to take their private property do nothing?  What if we all die off, what if the few are all black-bagged and that is the end of that?

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