Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Forget Islam – DHS Trains For U.S. Militia With ‘Uncle Sam’ Hats


Excerpted from WND 

While two brothers reportedly motivated by Islamic fundamentalism were carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing, the city was hard at work planning a mass casualty terrorism-training exercise in which the perpetrators were American militiamen whose logo includes Uncle Sam hats.

The Boston Globe revealed the plot of “Operation Urban Shield,” a simulation by the Department of Homeland Security costing $200,000. The program was slated to take place last weekend to train local Boston law-enforcement agencies to work together to thwart a terrorist threat.The Boston newspaper reported officials from a dozen agencies had been meeting for months to plan the simulation and had already recruited students from Northeastern University and the Boston Police Academy to play the parts of terrorists and witnesses.

While the vast majority of all terrorist attacks worldwide are carried out by Muslims, the DHS program decided to train for a different set of antagonists.

According to the plans obtained by the Boston Globe, the terrorist threat in the exercise was a fictional group called the Free America Citizens, described as “a home-grown cadre of militiamen whose logo would be a metal skull wearing an Uncle Sam hat and a furious expression.”

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  1. They too will learn, like countless others, that Old Sam is not to be dicked with. Despite all appearances, Real America will clean your clock when finally provoked enough.

    All of us here in flyover America would have been content to pay our 28% if only our lives had maintained the guarantee of stability, if we had the guarantee that our children's lives would have enjoyed that stability. But no, the leeches weren't content, the sugar tit had to be bigger, so they kept pushing, kept taking. They'll keep pushing now, they HAVE to, and it won't be long before that Nascar watching, pickup truck drivin, copenhagen dippin crowd they love to deride will turn on them, mean as a goddamn red hog.

    Some of them know it now. They smell the smoke on the wind, they're low enough in the ivory towers that they have a bit of an idea of the "pulse" through the interwebs. They're scared, and their warnings to the higher denizens is why this post is being read by the NSA, probably even as I type it.

    Sorry, but to all those special guest readers, it's already too late. The crap done fell out of the horse and it won't go back in. It is inevitable at this point that there's gonna be a fight. Sometimes you really get what you wish for, and you dumb asses up and wished for militias with Uncle Sam logos, didn't you?

    See you all at the races.

    1. up and wished for militias with Uncle Sam logos

      One bridge too far is looming on the horizon.