Wednesday, September 11, 2013

America the beautiful * Honoring the 35th Anniversary of April 30, 1975 * Celebrating Freedom in America *

MIDWAY CVA 41 * MEMORIAL SERVICE * Honors both the Republic of South Vietnam and the USS Midway sailors who conducted Operation Frequent Wind on April 30, 1975 * 17 nautical miles (31 km) from the Vung Tau.

The Cessna O-1 Bird Dog that Major Buang landed on the USS Midway

At 07:00 on 29 April, Major General Smith advised Ambassador Martin that fixed wing evacuations should cease and that Operation Frequent Wind, the helicopter evacuation of US personnel and at-risk Vietnamese should commence. Ambassador Martin refused to accept General Smith's recommendation and instead insisted on visiting Tan Son Nhut to survey the situation for himself.

At 10:00 Ambassador Martin confirmed General Smith's assessment and at 10:48 he contacted Washington to recommend Option 4, the helicopter evacuation[38]. Finally at 10:51 the order was given by CINCPAC to commence Option 4, however due to confusion in the chain of command General Carey did not receive the execute order until 12:15[39].

Honoring the 35th Anniversary of April 30, 1975 Celebrating Freedom in America.

It is the 35th anniversary of Operation Frequent Wind, the humanitarian mission when USS Midway sailors rescued more than 3,000 Vietnamese refugees fleeing the fall of Saigon.


  1. New Book out next month from the Associated Press. Vietnam: The Real War. Looks pretty good, thought you might appreciate.

    1. Thanks and it looks good. I'm irresistibly pulled there, even though I know it will only give me heartache.