Thursday, August 13, 2015

Best Way’s to Build Your Survival Group

 urban survival

When we talk about how to start with preparing, for example how to talk to someone who is dear to you to get them started with preparing, it is easy to think that they will understand because it is obvious that world is going to hell right now.

You may try to convince someone to be with you in case of SHTF if that person is someone dear to you (family member for example) or if that person has cool skills that you will need when SHTF (some friend who does not know or share thoughts about SHTF, but his skills are great).

Of course best combination is if you have family members who have really cool skills necessary for SHTF (for example wilderness skills, martial arts, shooting, farming or similar) and you just need good conversation with that person over some time in order to be on same track with you and understand the importance of prepping.

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  1. On the down side, there are those in the family (specifically significant other or wife) who has no interest or could care what is going on in both the world or country. Difficult to say the least - have had other 'family' members state, "...if something (non specific) happens, we're coming to your place". My stock answer is, "...bring a million calories and tools" which generally initiates a blank look.

    1. That is good though, as they should know exactly what to expect.