Thursday, August 13, 2015

What the Media Didn’t Tell You about Memphis Cop Shooting

Via comment by Anonymous on Camera Saves Cop from Racial Hostility -- Again

 In Memphis today they honor the cop who was killed


Citizen journalism is what will keep America strong, and fight the scourge of the Left.


The Left are scandalous, as they set their fake narratives, force-feeding Americans their nonsense. 

When the police officer Sean Bolton was ambushed and shot in Memphis, TN recently, this black neighborhood put blue balloons up as a tribute to the fallen officer. 

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  1. The autopsies of the nine dead Waco Bikers:
    Projectile downward for some.

    1. Thanks and saw a different report earlier. We need independent autopsies.

      There were seventeen gunshot wounds described in the autopsy reports. All of the victims had entrance wounds of 1/4 in diameter or less. One of the seventeen was a superficial graze wound. Eleven of the remaining sixteen wounds had a downward trajectory, and ten of them were back to front. Could have happened while victims were lying down or crouched, but PRW will have to present more evidence to prove that most of the victims weren’t shot in the back from above.

  2. A lot of info left out and inconclusive. Definitely an ambush.