Thursday, August 13, 2015

Winston-Salem council member ends discussion of ‘Dixie Classic Fair’ name change

Via comment by Eric on NC: Now the cultural cleansers want to ban Dixie

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 An official with the City of Winston-Salem confirmed to FOX8 that Councilman James Taylor Jr. will no longer consider changing the name of the Dixie Classic Fair.

On Tuesday, Taylor told FOX8 that some of the people he represents find the “Dixie Classic Fair” name to be “offensive.”

Taylor said that some people were “angry” with the name and believed the city should consider changing it. He added that — as a city that is progressive — and is continuing to move forward, they needed a name that “everyone can appreciate.”

Taylor stressed that he wanted “to talk to the people first,” and if they didn’t want to change it they wouldn’t change it.

On Wednesday, a press release from the City of Winston-Salem said that Taylor “has heard from numerous individuals through calls, social media and email who feel strongly against changing the name.”

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  1. I guess the company thats sells Dixie cups is REALLY sweating now, probably putting on a tail on the D to say 'Pixie Cups'! :^)

    1. :) Changing that brand name would be a killer for the company, I believe.

  2. The Winston-Salem council needs to get life and/or a real job.