Friday, November 11, 2016

A Nation Who Will Not Defend its Children Has No Future

Via Jonathan

Just to move away from our own shores for a bit, since everybody else is already covering that and doing so quite fantastically, if you ask us. We’re talking, of course, about Bill, Mike, Ace, Francis and so on, all of whom you can find on our Blogroll.

We have this old habit of redirecting our attention whenever the environment in which we live changes. Along the lines of “OK, so this is what we think will be on the agenda for the upcoming years, so perhaps we should try to get some knowledge of the battlefield ahead of time.” We’re sure that most if not all of you do the same thing. Problem is, we spend entirely too much time doing so. Just ask our long-suffering Imperial Family. They’ll tell you.

Anyway. Since the Trump Administration is now a fact, it looks like we’ll be dealing with the Putin Administration, and likely not over the iron sights of a gun. Which, in our opinion, is a Good Thing™. Not a view we share with everybody on “our side”, especially not John Sexton from Hot Air who, we’ve heard, has spent the last couple of days buying all the survival gear that Wal*Mart has to offer and started digging a bunker in his back yard while his TV is running “Red Dawn” on continuous loop.


  1. I think avoiding WWIII is a great thing. War with Russia seems like a really bad idea. If that had been the only issue it would have been enough.

    1. If that had been the only issue it would have been enough.

      Absolutely and I believe Trump and Putin will get along fabulously.

  2. Just admiring Putin!
    Brock, hope you are having good Veterans Day. Thank you
    for your service and reporting to a call Bill Clinton dared
    not go. Thank you. Peace!

    1. Thank you and I just posted the link below and told Anita this was the best Veteran's Day gift possible! :)