Friday, November 11, 2016

Should be arrested: Mother Punishes Son For Supporting Donald Trump

Via Billy

Mother punishes son for supporting Donald Trump. This kind of behavior towards a child is terrible, just because you disagree with their opinion does not mean you have to shame children.

Update: After datamining web, we have narrowed down the social media account: A "mother" who goes by the name "Tchenavia so'juicii Stallworth" on social media and seems to reside in Texas posted the original video. Here is on archive of her profile:

Please report to Texas authorities!


  1. Mental cruelty. Forever scarred. In a sane world, social
    services will be visiting. Thanks 'mom' (sarcasm) for a
    future thug.

  2. If one looked up the definition of savage in the dictionary and if there were pictures, hers would there.

  3. Yes, unbelievable. Then posts the video on Facebook.
    She knows the difference between right and wrong it's just
    that her and her types have a different definition.

  4. My heart broke for this sweet little boy. This monster mother should be locked up and the boy given to a loving family. How can anybody be this cruel to a child?

    1. & she told the even younger boy to stay with him. Mind boggling.

  5. Think there's a felony in there someplace?