Friday, November 11, 2016

We Have Won the Revolution!

Via Billy


  1. We have at best won a skirmish in the battle. Trump managed to eke out a win, to overcome the margin of cheating....even though he has a distinct advantage in Electoral votes the popular vote was a virtual tie. Trump would likely have won decisively in an honest election. The next one will be even more compromised. This of course assumes the Electoral College honors it's obligation and votes per it's obligations, no law requires this in some states and in others a delegate can ignore his state and vote as he chooses with only a small $$ penalty imposed....willingly paid by the Clintons. If 50 delegates flip Clinton wins, not probable but not impossible.

    Even if Trump does serve his term he can do little legally, just as the past six years has seen little come from congress and Obama
    running renegade with his phone and pen due to the stalemate Trump has the same problem. The GOP has only 52 votes in the Senate, and that assumes there are no GOP quislings who will side with the Dems. They cannot end filibusters, no bills will pass the dems don't like just as the GOP blocked all bills the past six years that Obama wanted. TRUMP may be limited to only that which the
    Executive Branch can legally do.....or go rogue as Obama did and
    rule by edict and EO.

    The one thing Trump CAN do and MUST do is use the power of the FBI and Justice insure the Clintons and ALL of their minions and accomplisices face real justice. If the intel leads to the White House and Obama then done it. If nothing else cleaning out the criminals in power must happen. It won't solve the problem of millions liberal retards, commies and illegals working hard to destroy us...they will be back with a vengeance in 2020.

    We may have won the White House and even that is not yet a guarantee but at least the nightfall and nightmare have been postponed.

    1. Thanks and I have my hope as I sit listening to Freebird. :)

  2. The video mentions winning revolution, while there's a color revolution rolling along in various US cities.
    Brief enjoyment of a brief victory.



    1. Thanks and both links

  5. That so called "win" leaves
    a lot to be desired.
    Call me crazy, but is has done
    jack-shit to check and counter
    the jackboot police state, rampaging
    treason against our republic and Constitution,
    and the vandalizing of Confederate memorials
    and American history.


    1. He's speaking of just preventing the Clinton planned take over I believe.