Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mr. Trump, about that wall... Congress is not going to pay for it, but the people will: Wayne Allyn Root, Obama's Classmate

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I have a message for President Trump. Congress will never pay to build the wall.

Democrats will never fund the wall. They no longer care about either America, or middle class Americans, or American workers. They couldn’t care less about heroin, or cocaine, or a myriad of other deadly drugs flooding our nation, killing our children.

They couldn’t care less about Kate Steinle or Sarah Root, two beautiful, precious young American women killed by illegal aliens.

They couldn’t care less about $20 trillion in debt, fueled by massive government giveaways to millions of illegals flooding our country.  We are bleeding and going bankrupt.

Our streets are flooded with drugs. Our public schools have been ruined. Our healthcare system is overwhelmed. In California, dams are ready to burst, threatening millions of citizens. Our infrastructure is in decay and disrepair from coast to coast. Democrats don’t care. They desperately need the votes of illegals and their supporters.

Establishment Republicans will never fund the wall. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and their ilk are world class cowards, afraid of their own shadows. Afraid of being called “racist.” Afraid of losing Latino votes. Afraid of losing contributions from greedy billion-dollar multi-national corporations and corrupt lobbyists- all desperately wanting cheap labor.

The biased liberal media will never allow you to fund the wall.

Mexico will never voluntarily fund the wall. They want the drugs to keep flowing. Their government is bought and paid for by drug dealers and human traffickers.

But you can get it funded Mr. President. I have the game plan.

Go over all their heads.

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