Saturday, April 29, 2017

Professor, Joe Borelli: Appalled that CUNY teaching anti-Trump propaganda

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As a CUNY Prof and vocal supporter of public higher education, I am appalled that the CUNY teachers union, the PSC, instructed members use student-paid and taxpayer-subsidized classroom time to teach anti-trump and anti-trump supporter propaganda. I happen to teach political science, but this was told to all teachers, from physics to french. Imagine paying to learn math and getting 30 minutes of the professor's personal opinions on politics. 

Here (above) is a picture of the email blast that was sent out, a copy of one of the starkly unacademic items on the "reading list" which claims Trump is worse than Hitler. (Another claimed his supporters were "armed racists") and my letter to the CUNY chancellor demanding clarification of whether it meets policy.

Guess what I did last night? I taught the lesson and used it as a teachable moment to talk about discourse. Frankly speaking, my best students are those who are liberal, informed and unafraid to come at me and challenge what I am saying as a conservative. They usually get the highest grades because of their involvement in the lessons. Diversity of thought should work two ways. Someone should tell CUNY. I know I am trying to.

I know some of my students follow me, perhaps they can chime in on our debates.

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