Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Orleans Destroys Confederate Monuments—But Partners with Murderous Racist Regime

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New Orleans Destroys Confederate Monuments—But Partners with Murderous Racist Regime
Eusebio Peñalver, on left, jailed and tortured for 28 years by the Castro regime 

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu cannot stomach the sight of Robert E. Lee in his city.  So one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the statue in Lee Circle in downtown New Orleans, will soon be toppled.

Mayor Landrieu refers to the towering Lee statue as an “aberration.” Historic statues of Jefferson Davis and Confederate General PGT Beauregard are also slated for imminent disgrace and demolition. 

Mayor Landrieu first gave vent to his anti-Confederate-monument fetish back in 2015, declaring the monuments “public nuisances” which necessitated prompt removal.  The majority black city-council voted 6-to-1 in his favor for removal.  (Meanwhile the city’s murder rate soared past Chicago’s and potholes dating from Hurricane Katrina still cratered many city streets.)

Initially lawsuits by historic preservation groups held up the avenging cranes, bulldozers and jackhammers. But the legal path has been cleared and soon the hydraulic engines will roar into action against these intolerable and downright dangerous “public nuisances.

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  1. You know, they'll store these magnificent monuments away
    and they'll never see the lite of day not unless Southerners
    over-throw the Northern/Western occupants/invaders. But,
    realistically, the South's history will just fade away.
    Lord, I wish that mayor would have been in Katrina and
    gunned down by the looters. These statues are beauty in
    the making; what you see today is junk - no artistic

    1. I believe they will end up with some Confederate Heritage Organization.