Saturday, April 29, 2017

Video: Public HS Admin Curses Out Pro-Life Teens: ‘I Don’t Give A F*** What You Think Jesus Tells Me!'

Via Billy

In a disturbing video now posted on YouTube, two pro-life teens can be seen being targeted and harassed by a public high school assistant principal from Downingtown, Pennsylvania on April 21.

The teens, 16-year-old Conner Haines and his 19-year-old sister Lauren, triggered the boastfully gay administrator by holding up pro-life signs on public property, which is perfectly within their rights.

(This is America, not North Korea.) The unraveling official, Zach Ruff, who serves as STEM Academy's dean of academics and student life, cursed out the Haines teens, threatened to call the police on them and even sang loudly over the activists as a small child would when annoyed by a sibling.

The video clip opens with an already visibly irate Ruff confronting the teens, telling them not to "harass" his "children" by holding up their pro-life signs, threatening to call the police on them.


  1. Vouchers for every student...then let the public school system treat students this way. indyjonesouthere

  2. How telling is it that I'm not surprised by this kind of stuff anymore. How different we've become in just the past 50 years or so. But then again, people have been saying that since One Million BC.
    The good news is that this kind of society can't last.
    - Charlie

    1. Repulsive. Must be proud of himself cussing in front of a girl.

  3. Let Eric Rudolph out of prison. Rudolph will eat the