Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saigon April 30, 2017

My trusty 10 year old LX5 got to the point of not being feasible to repair, so I gave it to one of the hotel staff.  Purchased  a ZS100 which enables 250 zoom shots and will be much better  as I like candid and ocean ones, so many pictures below are from my cell phone. :(

Buddhist symbol.

Reel repair time. :)
Looking across at the boy below who took the picture.

Quite good and only 18 calories. Love the soup.

5 cents.

I splurged and bought my most expensive street food, so far at $1.50. (Two meals for me) It was about the best I have ever eaten. I don't relate to the amount being cheap back home, but expensive here.


  1. I bought some Vietnamese coffee at Whole Foods. They do
    not stock it all the time as it is made at the local WF
    and the guy said it takes a good while to make. It was

    1. I buy the brand below. The first is the cheapest at around $6 in an Asian store and the next is their best and strongest at around $8, however Vietnamese coffee taste better in Vietnam just like green beans taste the best in the South! :)

    2. The one I purchased came in a glass btl. already
      mixed with creme and very strong. Thanks.

    3. I thought you had bought a quantity. At any rate whether in a glass bottle or a glass served to you, Vietnamese normally drink coffee with sugar and cream as you did. If they don't, they use sugar and very few drink it black as I do. The Cambodians are nuts! They would be served as you were and then put 4? teaspoons more of sugar in it! :)


    Hopefully Moon wins! Though if he's "liberal leaning", I fear he wants more foreign immigration.

    S. Korea should reunite with the north, then throw all these foreigners out! Don't let the globalists consume you!

    1. Thanks.