Friday, May 18, 2018

Ken Hackathorn on the M1 Carbine: Reputation vs Reality


  1. I have pointed this out before. Almost all firearms "Experts", like Ian will invariably take a 70 to 100 year old fire arm and find fault with it performance. I wonder how many other machines work as well at age 99 as my 1919 M1903Mk1? I bring up Ian because he once railed about "the M1903 only being built to hit a 4+ MOA target" In Brophy's definitive work "The Springfield 1903 rifles" he published the US Army standard for acceptance. That all issue infantry rifles were targeted at the factory, and had to be able to hit a target 2wideX2.25long inches OR SMALLER at two hundred yards with 5 shots. If the couldn't meet that standard they were sent back twice for repair. If they were found to be defective a third time they were destroyed. I wonder if he reads the period publications?---Ray

    1. I liked my M2 but had to leave it in Vietnam.