Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Warden

Via avordvet


Our dear leader is not a sitting President…… There is nothing presidential about him. No, he is a Prison Warden. The United States of America has morphed by design into a Super Maximum Prison System. We are all prisoners at the current moment. Our elected state officials are now the Guard Captains of the individual cell blocks.

Our shanks and contraband are not unlike the items searched for in a lockdown. Huge swaths of the populace receive their three hots and their cots. As citizens we are classified now by our gang status, most of us have been classified as home-grown tomatoes. Yes we belong to an ever-increasing threat to the Warden and his Captains…. We are notorious gang members, willing to harm and riot.

Our e-mail and phone conversations are monitored, we are spied upon by the Wardens prison guards. As a prisoner of the Federal System we are no longer afforded our individual rights and expectations of privacy. Our very own Constitution is null and void as long as we carry the mark of the beast.

The cell blocks within the prison system are monitored with cameras at every intersection, our every move is being recorded, every key stroke typed on our computers are also being recorded.

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