Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Virtually all doctors get up and walk out of an Obamacare lecture at a national conference.

Via Daily Timewaster

Twitchy reported ophthalmologist Dr. Kris Held sent live-tweets from the “Government relations” session on “implementing and complying with Obamacare,” saying virtually all the physicians walked out of the speech in disgust.

obamacare tweets
obamacare tweets
obamacare tweets
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obamacare tweets


  1. Yeah, I read about this earlier ;-(( It would be great if we all just did some passive, nonviolent disobedience and didn't see patients for a while (except emergencies) just to get their attention. This monstrosity of a law may force me to close my practice as the "gubbmint" is going to tell me HOW to treat my patients and may deny me doing surgical procedures. Since 60% of what I do is surgical and if my income drops 25%, I can't sustain the economic costs of doing business and would have to shut my doors after 30 years. Now I think I will be ok as there are only 8500 practicing dermatologists in the country. But what about my staff and patients??? I never imagined that my practice would possibly close except for my own decision, not this socialistic wetdream! Multiply me by 100K other solo practitioners and early retirees and you have a medical nightmare of reduced access to doctors and treatment. I advise all of you if you have elective procedures, like eyes, hips, knees, foot surgery, etc that you have put off due to fear or being just too busy, do it this year before the government takes over your healthcare.


    1. Good comment as usual, then are you going back to the farm in Virginia?