Saturday, January 11, 2014

County restores cross to seal, ACLU goes Dracula


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which represents a population greater than a number of states, has voted 3-2 to restore the cross to the San Gabriel Mission church on the L.A. County seal to accurately depict the Mission, which now appears on the county seal without its cross.

The motion, filed by Supervisor Michael Antonovich, a U.S. Army veteran and a member of the American Legion, and Supervisor Don Knabe (both Republicans) was supported by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, a political liberal who once headed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in L.A. and was once a member of the Board of the ACLU of Southern California. Supervisors Zev Zarovslosky and Gloria Molina, the other two liberal Democrats on the five-member board, voted against the motion, as reported by the L.A. Times.

Attorney Peter Eliasberg of the ACLU, which reacts like Dracula to the sight of a cross and has become the intolerant Taliban of American progressive liberal secularism, immediately threatened to sue, to no one’s surprise.

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  1. I'm glad all more pressing civil liberties issues have been resolved, leaving the ACLU free to spend its time and resources on making sure nobody is inadvertently exposed to the sight of a cross.

    Really, how does the ACLU even take themselves seriously? I'd be embarrassed to participate in a farce like this. And I'm an atheist.

  2. how does the ACLU even take themselves seriously?

    A liberal defect, as though they have any attributes!:)