Saturday, January 11, 2014

Zimmerman lawyer O’Mara not buying the cop’s story in the killing of tased and restrained NC teen


Mark O’Mara is a Florida defense attorney who O’ shot to national prominence as the lead attorney in the George Zimmerman trial.

CNN asked O’Mara about the publicly available information surrounding the death of North Carolina teenager Keith Vidal, a 5’3″ 18-year-old battling schizophrenia who was being calmed by two officers before Southport Detective Byron Vassey burst into the scene, ordered Vidal tased, and then allegedly leaned forward between the two officers to kill him with a single shot to the chest less than 70 seconds after he arrived on the scene.

O’Mara thinks Vassey’s claim that he fired in self defense doesn’t ring true:

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  1. Three adult lawmen could not contain a 90 pound 18 year old. With a screwdriver. That's 30 pound for each. And their solution was to shoot him? I call B.S. That officer can prattle on about how he felt threatened all day long. He job is to protect and serve. If need be, he should lay down his life to save the innocent from harm. The law enforcement community will NEVER command my respect that they once did. Sheepdogs do not eat the sheep. If they do, they must lose their status as sheepdogs.

    Sorry to ramble, but this has been bugging me since I first heard about it.

  2. Sheep dogs which eat the sheep are put down because once they get a taste
    of blood they can never be rehabilitated. This was an act of a monster.

  3. I had read about this a day ago and if I recall the killer cop said prior to killing
    the young lad was something like "we don't have time for this" and then shot
    the victim.

  4. What's even worse is that, as I understand it, the cop who did the shooting was out of his jurisdiction. It was in his county but he was a detective from another town in the county. I guess he could have been called in "mutual aid" but MUTUAL AID to subdue a 90 pound sick kid? I wonder if they ever thought about just leaving the kid alone?

    1. I wonder if they ever thought about just leaving the kid alone?

      Novel idea for them, I am sure.