Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weapons, including AK-47-style rifle, found in car after I-81 traffic stop


Thanks Maryland and Herald Mail for making a criminal out of a man transporting a legally owned firearm and pistols. He will no doubt spend a ransom to defend his 2nd Amendment right- not privilege- to do so in the Maryland court system . The majority of persons who own and transport these are not bad criminals with mal intent. However, Maryland and the Herald Mail has already painted this man a criminal. I travel the roads in Maryland often to get to our cabin in PA outside Hancock, MD. I have to take a longer route through PA to get there when transporting my legally owned firearms and pistols. What a shame and sham.


A Pennsylvania man was charged with transporting an AK-47-style rifle, brass knuckles and other weapons after a traffic stop Thursday afternoon on Interstate 81 in Washington County, Maryland State Police said.
Scott C. Smartt, 51, of Needmore, Pa., has been charged with illegally transporting a handgun in a vehicle and possession of an assault weapon, according to a state police news release.
Smartt also was charged with not wearing a seat belt and using a hand-held phone.
Maryland State Police 1st Sgt. Kevin Lewis of the Hagerstown barrack said the traffic stop was not related to the fatal shooting last week on I-81 just north of the state line in Franklin County, Pa.

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  1. three or four times a year I travel to MD to visit family. I'm usually there for 3 or 4 days. I don't routinely carry a firearm on me and have never had need for one on the trip up there and back but I would like to have a get home bag in my truck in case all hell breaks loose while I'm there. I find it ironic that on my trip up there I pass within 7 miles of the entrance to the multibillion dollar FEMA underground bunker where the government big shots get to go if the SHTF. A bunker dug out of solid granite, hundreds of feet below ground, complete with everything imaginable including water filtration and treatment plants, a hospital and a crematorium that we paid for so they can be safe, yet if I take a weapon into the state of MD. I become a felon the moment my truck stops. So for 410 miles of a 420 mile trip I am without a firearm so I can be legal for the last 10 miles.

    1. if I take a weapon into the state of MD. I become a felon the moment my truck stops. So for 410 miles of a 420 mile trip I am without a firearm so I can be legal for the last 10 miles.

      Too many miles without a stop. Seems ridiculous to mention it, but I guess with a RV and two drivers you could go straight through.

  2. ??? I drive that trip several times a year. I usually stop 2 or 3 times but it's because I'm thirsty, have to relieve myself of need fuel. It's 7 1/2 to 8 hours. Not a problem.
    I used to drive for a living in a tractor trailer. The law now limits CDL drivers to 11 hours a day but they can drive that (if I remember right) with one break.

    Stopping along the way is not the problem because I can legally stop in NC, VA or WVA with a handgun in the truck/car but once I cross the Potomac River and until I leave MD and come back into WVA I'm seriously illegal. Or would be if I did carry there but I don't. The point is that I have to be unprotected for the entire trip just to
    comply with the law in MD. Their law doesn't even allow me to take the pistol directly to the house where I stay during my visit and secure it in the house. A MD resident can but not a non-resident. At least that is how I understand their law. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and show me the proof.

    1. Maryland has really gone down hill and to think it was pro-Confederate.