Saturday, January 11, 2014

The rate of violent crime in "white ghetto" Appalacia is half the national average

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"So much for an economic theory of violent crime…......."
Last year, 18 big-city mayors, Mike Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel among them, sent the federal government a letter asking that soda be removed from the list of items eligible to be used for EBT purchases. Mayor Bloomberg delivered his standard sermon about obesity, nutrition, and the multiplex horrors of sugary drinks. But none of those mayors gets what’s really going on with sugar water and food stamps. Take soda off the list and there will be another fungible commodity to take its place. It’s possible that a great many cans of soda used as currency go a long time without ever being cracked — in a town this small, those selling soda to EBT users and those buying it back at half price are bound to be some of the same people, the soda merely changing hands ceremonially to mark the real exchange of value, pillbilly wampum.

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‘Oh, we’s jes’ pooooor folllllks, we cain’t afford no cornbreaaaaaaad!” So says Booneville police chief Johnny Logsdon, who has an amused glint in his eye and has encountered his share of parachuted-in writers on the poverty beat.

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  1. Well....Since I grew up about seven miles from Boonville (My family has lived there since AT LEAST the 1770s (we still hold the land grant for service in the Revolution) I call this one more anti-hillbilly propaganda. People don't shoot at each other there because they are for the most part Kin who have been raised in a county with a population under 15000 and have known each other for generations (I swear that I can go to almost any home in the county tell them who I am and who my mother and grandmother are/were and be invited to supper as family) The writer simply has no clue what a small generational community like that is. I am from Candy Branch in Owsley Co Ky. Pop. under 100 ALL OF THEM -everyone within MILES is blood kin (third cousin or closer)---Ray

    1. Good to hear that and it would be fun to visit with you.

  2. I hail from Pikeville Ky you do what you can and don't take no shit from the revenuers

  3. In most cases where I live in Appalachia, violence occurs because SOMEBODY needed a dose of it. Of course this is not to say that an occasional meth/pill zombie will not go "fully turned" during a waxing moon. The article stinks. I wrote an epistle in response to this article over at WRSA, but the hour is late and I will not comment further tonight.