Friday, May 1, 2015

Greatest Generation v Most Pathetic Generation

Via Jeffery


  1. They evolved back to their ancestors in Africa; back to child like. irresponsible.
    A good Samaritan who ventured to Africa back in the 1700's said don't let them
    get close to you; they will destroy you. Coming to pass.

  2. There were plenty of discord between blacks and whites even back then. One
    article I read told about how when a white military man was responsible for checking
    in on the barracks at nite did not want to check the black barracks as when
    the white patrolman went in, he would be attacked. On the military bases, there
    was much conflict between the two races. The military covered it up.

    1. Don't know, but there was no discord in my units from '67 to '69