Friday, May 1, 2015

More Law Enforcement Officers Killed Each Year Than Young Black Men By White Cops

Via David

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund 682 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in the past five years in the United States. That averages out to over 136 dead law enforcement officers each year.

Here are the numbers:

2010 – 161
2911 – 171
2012 – 126
2013 – 107
2014 – 117

Conversely, on average, there were 96 black males who are killed by white police officers each year – and another 300 white males who are killed by police officers according to FBI statistics.

USA Today reported:
Nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported to the FBI.
On average, there were 96 such incidents among at least 400 police killings each year that were reported to the FBI by local police.
Then there’s this… There were 431 black killers of “whites” in 2014, compared to 193 “white” killers of blacks while blacks make up only 13% of the national population.

There were approximately 6,000 black on black murders last year.


  1. In a typical year about one third of LEO who die on the job do so as a result of felonious acts. Most of the rest....the remainder die as a result of traffic accidents, a fate shared by other careers such as taxi drivers and truckers and 'Krispy Kreme' syndrome, cardiac arrest on the job due to poor health habits. In terms of deaths per 100K LEO isn't in the top ten in terms of risk. Remove the non felonious deaths and it isn't in the top 30. All the hype and bullshit about how dangerous the job is is not supported by actual facts.

  2. The 'officer down memorial page' lists by year officer deaths including cause. Most sources do not break deaths down by type. Some do but not most. The NPR website has a graph showing trends over time found here

    But like numbers of how many citizens are murdered be LEO the info is incomplete as reporting requirements are not standard or mandatory.

  3. It states "killed in the line of duty" not died in the line of duty.

    1. The "officer down" page actually lists them as 'line of duty deaths' but each
      incident is listed and includes the actual mechanism......the majority of which
      are accidents or health issues. The actual number of those killed at the hands of others feloniously is around one third thought the numbers do vary from year to year. But when you compare LEO to other occupations they are not in the top ten.....and if you only count felonious deaths then the deaths per 100K are not in the top 20. The propaganda that they hold a dangerous job simply is not born out by the numbers.

    2. they are not in the top ten.....

      Correct and all the years I drove a cab, I never had a problem, but two friends were killed.

  4. Another radical black scum police attack: