Friday, May 1, 2015

What we have learned today about The Freddie Gray case

Via Iver

Gene Ryan, right, President of Fraternal Order of Police Baltimore City Lodge #3
 FOP calls on prosecutor to recuse herself, defends officers

-- State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby found probable cause to charge all six officers who had been suspended in connection with Freddie Gray's death. The highest charge, second-degree depraved heart murder, went to the driver of the van, Officer Clarence.

-- The officers had no probable cause to arrest Gray, Mosby said.

-- A knife they found in his pants pocket was not a switchblade, as police previously said, and was legal under Maryland law, she said.

-- Mosby said an investigation found 
officers bound Gray's wrists and ankles and left him stomach-down on the
of a police van as they drove around West Baltimore.

Officers had at least five opportunities to call for medical attention. By the time they reached the Western District police station, he was not breathing and in cardiac arrest, she said.

 -- Gray suffered a "severe and critical neck injury" as a result of being
, shackled and being unrestrained in the van, she said.

-- Five of the six officers involved in the Freddie Gray case are in custody. Warrants had been issued for the arrests of all six officers.

-- In an open letter to Mosby the Fraternal Order of Police asked her to appoint an independent prosecutor, citing her ties to the Gray family's attorney and her lead prosecutor's connections to members of the local media. Mosby said, "The people of Baltimore City elected me and there is no accountability with a special prosecutor."
The State has declared liberal leave starting at 1:20 p.m. for employees who work in Baltimore City. Employees may use their leave to vacate the downtown area. Emergency essential employees must report as scheduled.


  1. I am so glad that someone is holding police accountable. Most of them get off scott free. I don't care what stripe you are, the state is the enemy of us all. -55six

  2. prosecutor is an elected position. Another reminder that elections matter.

  3. Its also come out that Grey was caught while selling drugs and fled from cops but was caught. Grey had a long record of drug charges. the DA is going to try to railroad the cops to make the mob happy instead of doing her job

    1. Unless there is incriminating evidence on the video of the unscheduled/unreported? stop, I don't see how they came up with these. Evidently, they will charge the driver with purposely slamming on the brakes which caused the injury. Of course, I don't have all the evidence.

  4. Freddie Gray's history is not relevant. The officers had no idea who he was or what he may or may not have done. There conduct was based on the simple fact he ran.....a stupid act maybe but NOT ILLEGAL. There conduct from the instant they pursued him cannot be supported by the law and the fact that he was ABLE TO RUN and then had a lethal spinal injury is massive evidence that they assaulted him with significant force....for running.... NOT an illegal act. And he could just as easily have been someone with NO CRIMINAL HISTORY. Officers MUST have a GOOD reason to interact with a citizen, a hunch, a suspicion, a 'look' doesn't cut it. And when the fact without reason they are liable for their choice. In this case that unfounded choice resulted in death and for that they must be held to the law or else we have NO LAW.