Friday, May 1, 2015

Hundreds of Volunteers Needed at the Sugar Pine Mine Security Operation in Oregon


We need hundreds of volunteers to help secure the mine, and to work in support of the security operation. You do NOT have to be an Oath Keeper member everyone is welcome.

We need all people who are willing to stand up for the Constitution. We have had non-members such as Three Percenters volunteers and others from the beginning. If you want to help we will put you to work. We WILL reimburse you for your gas money to get here as long as we receive enough donations to cover that. So far, we have been able to reimburse volunteers for gas and other travel expenses and as long as enough donations come in we will continue to do so.

More @ Oathkeepers


  1. As can be seen on the site, they are in need of donations to help fund them, too.
    I chipped in tonight; hope others will.

  2. What is this about? I can't make sense of it all. Are they trying to seize the mine?

    1. Yes, they are.