Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day is International Workers’ Day

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Today, the left is demonstrating, as the left has done on this otherwise pretty day for — well, a long time. Here are two of the left’s demands:
End militarization of the border & police departments 

Legalization, not deportations


  1. Stalin was one evil son- of -a- bi!ch. He ought to know.

  2. While I have no doubt whatsoever that the sentiments of this quote is a fundamental part of the communist agenda to enslave I have never been able to find any true proof that this quote was actually spoken by Stalin or by Lenin who has also been attributed this statement. If you have proof that it was indeed uttered by a founder of the Bolshevist creed or another proven communist countrI would love to see it.

    1. Thanks and found this:

      "Remember, Karl Marx once said, "First you socialize medicine and
      everything else follows like night follows day."

      OK, I had some free time today, so I actually downloaded a complete 55-volume corpus of Lenin (it can be found here: ). As expected, the phrase is not there. But here's what he writes, as it is rather interesting.

      OK, most surprising is that in 45 out of 55 volumes don't mention the word. It was simply not on the radar for Lenin. He seem to have more mentions of comedy, than those of medicine.

      He mentions it in passing in a few more volumes: vol 3 (use of agricultural machinery leads to increased injuries, capitalism bad), vol 7 (there are workplace injuries, in part - due to exposure to chemicals, capitalism bad), vol 9 (workers went on strike demanding medical coverage, workers good), vol 23 (capitalism constrains access to contraception and abortions, capitalism bad), and, finally, vol 53, where he writes to Bryukhanov that bad doctors send too many people to medical resorts and the number should be more in line with what the state can afford. Lenin also mentions the trade of drugs with Americans a couple of times, but it has nothing to do with medicine per ce.

      The more funny part comes from the program of Russian Social-Democratic Party, to which Lenin used to belong, and the program of which he wrote. In both cases, the party insists that employers provide medical coverage to factory workers. In both cases, he specifically includes factory workers only, and makes the whole paragraph sound very workplace-injury related. This happens in volumes 2 a 32.

      What's next, in volume 6 Lenin complains that a new bill may water down the abilities of local government to provide public option - Zemstvo medicine. In volumes 16 and 17, he argues with Maslov, who states that Russian local governments spend 22.7% of the budget on Zemstvo medicine and thus their budgets need to be increased, along the lines that this doesn't mean that local governments are more socialist than federal government.

      Finally, he puts a nail in a coffin once he actually gets to power. Firstly, he drafts the medics and cries about them not wanting to go. Secondly, he starts whining that medics compare infavourably Soviet medicine against Zemstvo medicine. Finally, in a post-war address to medics in volume 40, he says that "long gone are days where medics were the antagonists of proletariat" and "now that we inherited millions of sick and wounded from two wars, our main goal is to fight epidemics".

  3. So it would seem that the not in of 'control medicine and control people' is not something Lenin/Stalin actually spoke of or discussed. This is not surprising as the practice of medicine at that time was a two way street between patient and doctor. The third party payor system that now predominates and which facilitates control based on agenda not need did not appear in a wide spread fashion till after WWII in America and even later elsewhere so it was not a method they could have used successfully.

    It is easy to control medicine when a third party such as insurers..and .gov is the biggest insurer of all...has a say, not so simple when it is all between provider and patient.

    1. It is easy to control medicine when a third party such as insurers..and .gov is the biggest insurer of all...has a say, not so simple when it is all between provider and patient.