Friday, May 1, 2015

Operation Jade Helm: Massive Military Drill Across 9 States For “Unconventional Warfare”

Via Jeffery

military machines trains

The build up for Jade Helm is massive to say the least. Reports are coming in from all over the US of a tremendous amount of military activity and build up of equipment and vehicles that definitely goes well beyond what the stated number of military personnel would need for this drill.

Train Headed East out of Oroville, California – Equipment ‘As Far As Eye Can See’:

More with numerous videos @ Truth & Action


  1. Wtf is goin on?
    John h

  2. If we can believe one politician and one anonymous Tx Ranger. Who wants to take that bet?? Im in central In. And im still worried. There's an active "shelter" at Atterbury within spittin distance and cameras all over it to prevent overwatch.
    John h.

  3. I'm not concerning myself until the time comes. Been there, done that.