Friday, May 1, 2015

White Privilege


A weary child from Oklahoma drags an empty sack into the cotton fields of California on her way to work at 7 AM. California, 1936. 

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  1. Fond memories of these days. People were free spirits, struggled but had
    survival skills not recognized by today's standards, imagination, independence
    and were not obsessed with the finer things in life, were spiritual and laughed more.
    Yes, indeed, the good old days. Some say the 'good old days' are a fable. Not true;
    that is just another way to brainwash the sheeple.

    1. Some say the 'good old days' are a fable. Not true;

      100%. I got $6 a day working on my father's farms and Dickey, our one black hand, received the same, but that was back when the world was sane.

  2. The justified days of White Privilege are running out of time: Note this black skeleton

    1. Really and thanks. Maybe he is dying of AIDS, we should be so lucky. :)