Friday, May 1, 2015

Officer May Lose Arm After Man Stabbed Her 14 Times Over “Baltimore”

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When I see a lone police officer with a car pulled over on the side of the road, I slow down, and make sure that the officer isn’t in any sort of trouble before continuing on.

When I see a lone officer talking approaching a group, I sometimes linger, just to make sure they’re okay.

Thanks to several years of ever-more hyperbolic claims of “police brutality,” and a number of officers attacked and even murdered within the past year, I make an effort to “cover the six” of the Thin Blue Line. I don’t think I’m the only one.

Unfortunately, the agitators, race hustlers, cop-blockers, pandering politicians, and media have told their lies so long and so loud that they have triggered yet another unprovoked anti-police attack:

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  1. Copsucker Alert! If it wasn't for brutal pigs, Baltimore wouldn't be in the news. The pricks couldn't just arrest him. No, they had to beat him to death, too. I wouldn't piss on a pig if he was on fire!

    1. Not even all Communists are bad, believe it or not :) and I've had many contacts with them. We don't want to be like liberals in our thinking.

  2. I stand with the police not the bottom-feeder scum. If I saw scum on one side of
    the street and police on the other, what side do you think I'd pick.
    I hope the thug who did the stabbing gets thirty yrs. for attempted murder and
    psychological damage.

    1. Seems so silly that Obama complained about his white grandmother when she stated she was afraid walking down a city street and seeing a black follow her (Can't remember if those were the exact words, but the point at least) and she was scared. Well, who in their right mind wouldn't be considering the percentages?

  3. I remember that. She undoubtably had some bad experiences. I remember she
    caught the bus and one black guy would harass her and she told her commie
    husband and he mocked her. She said she was afraid of the harasser.

  4. Sad to say but the much of the danger LEO face now is a result of their own choices.
    There was a time that the criminality, abuse and misconduct we see by them on a daily basis occurred without any proof. The word of the officer was sacrosanct, holy and a hundred contradictory witnesses were considered liars and the officer considered infallible. Now we have the Internet and cameras EVERYWHERE.....and absolute proof that LEO are savage, abusive sociopathic brutes. And there are NO GOOD COPS because if there were they would arrest the criminals they work with and police their own ranks. THEY DON'T....they come in two flavors, evil cops who commit crimes routinely and evil cops who turn a blind eye to their criminal associates. As you sow so shall you reap. The current hatred of LEO and the willingness to kill officers is the he fruit of their own misconduct.....actions enabled and approved by those in power.
    The badgemonkeys are not near as bright as they think....because they are outnumbered by more than a hundred to one.....and when the REAL violence starts they will die, quickly. But people with power seldom study history to learn that everyone is a candidate for the guillotine.