Friday, August 18, 2017

At 6:43, the person asks "where the F WERE you? !" (to the police)

Via John 
"What a disgrace the mayor and police chief of Charlottesville are. Ditto for the governorof Virginia. In the video, you will see violence. You will see many professional camera people and media trucks with satellite uplink dishes. You will  see people forced to walk through a gauntlet of attackers. You will see the aftermath of the car that drove into protesters.  

What you will not see are the police.

This riot, in part was created, at least in part, by three officials:
1) The police chief of Charlottesville.
2) The mayor of Charlottesville
3) The governor, who was responsible for the irresponsible state police

As you watch this, you'll wonder why these two highly conflicted groups were deliberately forced into a confrontation BY THE POLICE and then the police were clearly ordered to withdraw.

If you can't smell a rat by now, you need to visit an ENT doctor.

See for yourself....

Then ask yourself, why is there no blame being placed on the mayor, the police chief and the governor?

Simply saying "They're Democrats"  is NOT enough.  There is something more to this and we need to find out what it is before the social contract that keeps this nation intact completely breaks down and Charlottesville becomes Every Town, USA. Every Day." 
~ J....

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