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McMaster and the Deep State: Protecting Obama Agendas in a Trump Administration

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The Times Examiner, Greenville, SC
Mike Scruggs,

Twenty-five centuries ago, Chinese General Sun Tzu summarized an important principle of war: Knowing your enemy is essential to both avoiding defeat and achieving victory.  Knowing the ideology of those who want to destroy you is absolutely essential to internal security, sound foreign policy, and military preparedness. Freedom, peace, and prosperity depend upon accurate knowledge, right interpretation, and right actions.

The greatest threat to the United States and its Western allies today is the prevalent establishment Big Lie that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that poses no danger to millions of lives, spiritual and intellectual truth, and freedom itself. Yes, there are many Muslims whose practice of Islam is secularized, modified by syncretism, or purely cultural who do not follow the Jihadic teachings of the Koran and Muhammad, but Jihad (war, deception, and conquest) for the sake of Allah against all non-believers is a foundational doctrine of Islam found abundantly in the Koran and even more so in the Sunna, the sayings and actions of its principal prophet, Muhammad.  Although we frequently refer to this strong Jihadic content of the Koran and Sunna as “Radical Islam” for the sake of diplomacy, commerce, and individual courtesy, “Radical Islam” is fundamentalist Islam, the true Islam 

President Trump appears to have at least a strong gut-feel for the truth and recognizes the threat of “Radical Islam” to both internal and external national security. Although his first appointment as National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, turned out to have an undisclosed and disqualifying conflict of interest because of his intelligence consulting business relationship to  Turkey, according to his  excellent 2016  book, Field of Fight,  Flynn had an informed and realistic view of Islam. His plan for victory was not only to defeat ISIS and other Jihadist armies but also to render the victories more permanent by destroying the credibility of Islam’s entrenched doctrinal ideology of Jihad. This was in total conflict with Obama’s fantasy doctrine that Islam was a religion of peace, hijacked by a few radicals. Obama’s disastrous foreign policy seemed more compatible to the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to replace secularist Muslim leaders in the Middle East with fanatical Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists, beginning with the so-called “Arab Spring.” The first casualty of joint Obama-Muslim Brotherhood cooperation was long-time U.S. ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, soon to be replaced by the head of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi.  Morsi was fortunately forced out by the Egyptian Army before doing too much damage. We also saw the consequences of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood friendship in Libya, and the whole Syrian War is really about the Brotherhood’s attempt to oust a Christian-tolerant Muslim moderate, Assad Bashar, from power. Obama and Hillary Clinton even managed to ship arms to al-Qaeda and ISIS to defeat Assad. How much of that went to slaughter Syrian Christians?

Deep State sympathizers with fantasy Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the huge multi-billion petro-dollar grants and influence of Saudi Arabia and Qatar saw Flynn as a  serious threat to the their  ideology, influence, and especially Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.  Flynn’s departure as National Security Advisor was an especially sweet victory for the Deep State establishment with the appointment of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster—a  faithful proponent of Barack Obama’s multiculturalist counterfactual view of Islam—to National Security Advisor and head of the National Security Council (NSC). McMaster’s position on Islam can scarcely be distinguished from that of Obama. He has also been a strong defender of Obama’s foreign policy in general but especially Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran, which has been strongly opposed by Trump and conservative cabinet advisers.  According to a recent article by Jed Babbin in the American Spectator, it was Senator John McCain and Gen. David Petraeus who recommended McMaster as National Security Advisor.

In the last two weeks, McMaster has stepped up his purge of opponents of Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran on the NSC staff, including Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Besides opposing the Iran nuclear deal, these three held dissenting views on Islam as a religion of peace and were strong advocates of a crackdown on leaks within the national intelligence agencies. According to Bloomberg, Derek Harvey had compiled a list of Obama holdovers on the NSC staff, who were suspected of making leaks to damage Trump in the media.  On the other hand, McMaster has defended and retained top subordinates to former NSA Susan Rice and her almost as notorious spin master, Deputy NSA Ben Rhodes, and even let Rice and Rhodes retain their Top Secret security clearances. Rhodes was a key operator in selling the Iran nuclear agreement and the demonization of Flynn in the media.  According to Babbin, there are about 50 Obama holdovers who need to be cleared out but are being retained by McMaster. Lt. Gen. McMaster received his last two stars from Barack Obama.

Soeren Kern, in an August 9 article, “The Battle for Trump’s Foreign Policy,” published by Gatestone Institute,  details some of the horrifying specifics of McMaster’s sacking conservatives who support the Trump agenda and their replacement by those with considerable leftist establishment credentials. McMaster’s first personnel decision was to replace Reagan conservative K. T. McFarland with Dina Habib Powell, an establishment Bush Republican as Deputy National Security Advisor. Powell is a close friend of Obama’s closest confidant, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. McFarland was a strong critic of Obama’s timidity in the face of radical Islam. She had warned that radical Islam is “the most virulent, lethal, apocalyptic death cult in history” and that “global Islamist Jihad is at war with Western civilization... and we are losing that War.” McFarland was informed by knowledge of Islam’s founding sacred documents—the Koran and Muhammad’s Sunna—and its 1400 years of violent history. Obama and McMaster are essentially informed by Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and its translation into liberal foreign and domestic policy papers by well paid but mis-educated academic apologists for Islam.

From 2006 to February 2017, McMaster served as a consulting senior fellow to the UK-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), which was strongly involved in pushing the passage of Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran. IISS is predominantly funded by leftist foundations, especially the Ploughshares Fund financed by George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Another financer was the Tides Foundation, one of the largest and most active on the left, also funded by George Soros. The usual suspect foundations—Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller—also participated. At least $60 million was spent on financing an “echo chamber” (orchestrated by Ben Rhodes) of so-called experts to support Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to Israeli journalist, Caroline Glick, McMaster “constantly refers to Israel as the ‘occupying power’ and insists falsely and constantly that a country named Palestine existed where Israel is located until 1948, when it was destroyed by the Jews...He allows anti-Israel, pro-Muslim Brotherhood people like Robert Malley [former NSC member under Obama] to walk around the NSC and tell people what to do and think.”  Glick describes McMaster as “deeply hostile” to Israel. McMaster has also appointed Kris Bauman as senior advisor on Israel. In 2016, Bauman and Ilan Goldenberg published a document intended to be used by prospective president Hillary Clinton to pressure Israel into making substantial territorial concessions to the Palestinians. Bauman is another whose views on Israel, Palestine, and the Muslim Brotherhood are indistinguishable from that of Barack Obama. McMaster is clearly no friend of Israel or Trump’s favorable relationship to Israel. Another recent McMaster hire is Col. (ret.) Michael Bell, who refers to known Islamic terrorists as merely “violent extremists” and repeatedly denies that there is any connection between Islam and terrorism. McMaster opposes Trump reaching out to Vladimir Putin to expand areas of Russian-American cooperation.

McMaster is actively engaged in opposing and thwarting almost every Trump agenda. By firing conservatives and hiring liberal establishment policy wonks and even pro-Muslim Brotherhood political activists, he has largely gutted Trump’s plan to release the U.S. from the dangerously na├»ve Iran nuclear agreement. We cannot defeat enemies unless we acknowledge the truth about their motives and ideology. We must stop pretending there is no relationship between Islam and terrorism and that Jihad is an innocent ideology. In search of truth, we must always be on guard against deception, bribery, blackmail, and infiltration common to both Islamic Jihad and cultural Marxism.  As the Heritage Foundation often reminds us, “Personnel is policy.” The American people voted for Trump, not leftist policy wonks who have infiltrated into the NSC and other U.S. intelligence agencies. The Deep State wants to depose Trump, and anybody outside of a madhouse can see that they have established a strong foothold in the NSC. McMaster is clearly Obama’s man and serves as National Security Advisor at Trump’s extreme political peril.

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