Friday, August 18, 2017

NC: Man pepper sprays ‘Soldiers Reunion Parade' Confederate participants in Newton

"If there's any trouble on the square, or any organization, we're not going to ask questions,” Jerry Poovey, with the Sons of the Confederacy, said earlier in the day. “We're going to lock them up. Durham will not be re-enacted here." 

Tension continues to mount nationwide over Confederate statues and monuments, and Thursday morning, President Donald Trump defended the statues, tweeting, “You can't change history.”

Thousands filed into Newton Thursday afternoon for the 128th annual Soldiers Reunion Parade. 
During the parade, Channel 9 saw that one man with a gun was taken into custody. Eyewitness News reporter Dave Faherty witnessed the incident and said the man went over to some Civil War re-enactors and pepper sprayed them. 

More *video @ WSOC

*Exactly the way they all should be handled if they break the law.


  1. The guy had a stainless or nickel S&W in .44Mag. or .45 LC NOT a .38 sp. He was planning murder not self defense.--Ray

  2. I saw that in his arrest video on Fox. The LEO's has a big bore S&W in a clear bag with rounds visible. They were nickel case .44Mag or .45LC. Also you could see the muzzle of the weapon and ejector shroud. It was definitely a big bore "N" frame S&W. It was all in the video on fox ---Ray