Friday, August 18, 2017

End the Violence: Those who break the law at protests should do jail time.

Via Billy
Andy McCarthy has written an estimable column outlining the legal aspects of federal “domestic terrorism” laws. One of Andy’s points is that acts of violence in the context of protests are overwhelmingly state rather than federal crimes; another is that state officials’ response to the violence so far has been largely rhetorical. What’s worse, for the most part, is that the rhetoric has merely made use of the violence to make political points. He’s right. I’ll go further and say that words, no matter how strong, are no longer enough, if they ever were, to stop this growing trend. 
What is needed is action, both legislative and executive, from state authorities.
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  1. Now, if "law enforcement" would apply
    that equality of justice standard to
    the criminal, corrupt, and treasonous scumbags of the elite and politically protected citizens,
    America might have a fighting chance.
    I forgot that the rule of law is long dead
    in America.

    Anthony Weiner is asking a Manhattan federal judge to delay the sentencing date in the case against him for texting a minor sexually inappropriate messages.

    cav med

    1. If "Law Enforcement" were doing it's job, bus loads of hired thugs would NEVER get across state lines much less make it out of recruiting centers and bus loading sites. These criminals would never make the rallies, they would be way laid, and arrested for inciting riots, well before they reached any rally.