Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lying Leftist “News” Media Trashes Anything Confederate or Southern

Via Carl

Recently a friend lent me an informative book called Death by Journalism? written by Jerry Bledsoe. This is not a new book. It was published back in 2002 but as we were in the process of getting ready to move to Louisiana at that time, I never got to see it.

Reading it now, even though I am familiar with some of what it dealt with is still a shock.

It displays the almost utter moral depravity of what we continue to call the news media.

 We should long ago have dropped that euphemism and realized that real news is the last thing those people are all about. It was informative to watch how the “news” media people in this book operated, in that I have seen them do the exact same thing in other areas. To label them the “prostitute press” would either be a compliment to them or an insult to prostitutes.


  1. That's how they win. Mark Twain's books, after he died were edited to suit their
    purpose. I'd like to have one of Twain's books before it was edited.
    Twain was a true Southern gentleman.