Thursday, June 11, 2015

WACO II: Cancer in the body of the American Republic

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The Cossacks was infiltrated by multiple uncover police officers and confidential informants. The confrontation with the Bandidos at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco was instigated by undercover police officers.

What happened in Waco was much more sordid and cynical than the American public has yet been allowed to know and it represents a terrible, possibly fatal, cancer in the body of the American Republic. What happened in Waco will likely seem incredible to the mainstream public. It will seem at least plausible to anyone with knowledge of the motorcycle club world.

What happened in Waco was the tragic culmination of an ongoing, international war against motorcycle clubs that is a logical outgrowth of the Global War on Terror. This secret war is aimed at a fringe counterculture that easily fulfills the role of what totalitarian regimes call an “objective enemy:” which is to say an enemy that is prosecuted mostly for its potential criminality rather than its actual criminality. The war is a manifestation of a sadistic state – a state that can no longer accomplish the basic tasks of government but that projects its power mostly by its unique entitlement to punish its objective enemies and other citizens.

One facet of the war on motorcycle clubs is the exploitation by government officials of what might be called alternative motorcycle clubs. Throughout their area of operation, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has had repeated conflicts over the last three years with two alternative motorcycle clubs.

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