Thursday, June 11, 2015

The US Army: an institution corrupted to its very core

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It is really a shame.
Under the regime of Barack Obama, the US Army has become a festering pustule of moral corruption and ethical blindness.

For a lot of budgetary and political reasons, the Army — my Army — has never been big on moral courage at the senior leadership levels. It doesn’t have bombers, fighters, submarines, or aircraft carriers so it is always vulnerable to the big ticket services. Heaven knows, there is no Army component vaguely comparable the awesome and voracious public relations machine the US Marine Corps unleashes at the slightest hint of danger.

Let’s start out with this story, via The Washington Post: The Army denied a Medal of Honor to this Green Beret war hero. What happened?

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  1. There was a time when I said with both pride and humility that I served both on active duty and as a reservist in the Army. Not any more. This is no longer my Army. I will NOT put my life on the line to protect the business interests of the corrupt criminals in Mordor on the Potomac. Nor shall I protect those who promote and support what I believe is evil and immoral. You're on your own.

    1. You're not alone or as we would say in military school, don't feel pregnant. :) Don't guess that would be PC today.......:) I tell all, do not enlist. From some years ago:

  2. On the other hand, we just gave two Medals of Honor to a couple of guys from WW1, only 100 years after the war. i am personally very much against modern people going back into history and handing out awards to people long dead. You lose a lot when you remove those people from the times they served in.

    Reading the narratives, I came away with the impression: looks like "doing his job" to me. Warfare in the trenches was no fun. participating in it was valorous all by itself. selecting 2 guys for special treatment a century later seems lame, politically motivated, and self serving of the people participating in it today.

    1. & many/most? of the MOHs handed out during the Late Unpleasantness were not deserved.

  3. Yet, the Army can put millions of peoples lives at risk and nothing is done to them.
    Your are right, they are truly piss ants.