Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nation Of Islam And Black Panthers Arrive In McKinney, Texas To Start Race Riots

Via Cousin John

What a motley bunch

An already tense situation was reportedly exacerbated with the arrival of the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam.


First there was Ferguson, then Baltimore, now the race baiters have chosen McKinney, Texas, as the next location for what is shaping up to be an endless summer of racial tension across America.

McKinney, Texas, the latest hotbed of racially motivated civil unrest, is now the scene of increasingly intimidating protests after the reported arrival of New Black Panther Party members.

The city’s police department has been under nationwide scrutiny after video surfaced of one officer handling a teenage suspect at the scene of a public disturbance.

More with video @ Now The End Begins


  1. Just what they need. I don't see any racism here. She refused to obey the commands of the police officer so he had to get physical. What was he supposed to do?

  2. Boy, won't that be a short riot...they could have picked a 'friendlier' locale for their race bating...